David Lewis

Trainer & Learning Co-ordinator

Meet Dave. Since early 2014, Dave has been our Trainer & Learning Co-ordinator tasked with all aspects of volunteer development and growth. He has to develop and deliver training programmes that cover all aspects of the Social Enterprise business, policies and vocational needs for staff, volunteers and placements along with competence training and assessment.

Dave has achieved the Pacific Institute standard in Investment in Excellence, STEPS and Facilitation to develop confidence, motivation and self-esteem in our volunteers and placements. He thoroughly enjoys working with the people he works with and finds that such a wonderful team of people makes it easy to start work on a Monday.

Most of Dave’s spare time is spent with family and the local rugby team where his grandson plays and helps the team managers and coaching staff including volunteering with the team’s administration.  He also trains and runs a small team of Canadian Eskimo Dogs and enjoys sea fishing.