A visit to Dare Valley Country Park

We were recently contacted by Frank Ady, Managing Director at Dare Valley Country Park Hotel as they were refurbishing some of the hotel rooms and they had household items they no longer needed but that were “too good to waste”.

Naturally, we were more than happy to help and when the items were ready our Assistant Manager Siôn, Kallem and myself went along in our transit van (affectionately named Sparky) to load some of the smaller items.  Shortly after we arrived we were met by one of our larger collection vans at the hotel who had just completed their morning delivery run, who joined us to help load the larger items.

As it was a lovely sunny day, after loading “Sparky” with the textiles and smaller items we made the most of the stunning views of the countryside (and the dry weather) by enjoying a refreshingly cold can of Cola and an ice cream whilst waiting for our colleagues, Dylan and Neil to turn up in one of our larger vans.

When the additional van and crew arrived we loaded a large collection of bunk beds, electrical items and the remaining bedding into the van.  These were then taken back to our warehouse in Ynyshir to be sorted, quality controlled and tested before making they make their way into our charity showrooms to help support the local community.

Frank said: “I am delighted that we are able to work with such a great re-use organisation, knowing that these items will be used to further support the local community is so encouraging.  The toogoodtowaste team were so helpful and made the whole transaction very easy, please support this delightful organisation, they do an amazing job in our community.”

If you have items you no longer need but that are too good to waste give us a call to discuss our collection service on 01443 680090.