How Volunteering Helped Me

In September 2016, I had been unemployed for a long time and needed work experience as well as a way to spend some of my time. I wanted to eventually get a job in Marketing so I contacted toogoodtowaste to find out about their volunteering opportunities. They were happy to have me as their Marketing Assistant and I started straight away.

What better way to get some work experience than by volunteering in a nice place with welcoming people!? I have always been greatly supported by all members of staff and other volunteers and the friendly environment made it easier for me to feel free to ask questions and explore new opportunities where I could grow.

I was volunteering in the area I wanted to find a job in (Marketing), but I was also able to try out a few different departments, such as Customer Service and Administration. Not only was I spending my time in a useful way, helping a great charity with my already existing skills, but I also got to develop new skills and experiment in areas of work I had never had any contact with.

In December I was contacted by my toogoodtowaste supervisor and she told me a new local charity that needed someone to help them with Marketing, Sales and even Administration as well. They put me in touch with the project manager of Play It Again Sport and I fit the role they were looking for, as I had gained experience in all of the different areas at toogoodtowaste.

Thanks to volunteering, I now have started the part time job with Play It Again Sport and still volunteer at toogoodtowaste. I got a job in the area I wanted and I still get to develop and strengthen skills I wouldn’t otherwise have!